Multifaith Calendar 2016 “Gratitude”

Published annually by the Multifaith Action Society (MAS), the Multifaith Calendar is a unique educational resource that facilitates understanding of religious observances, occasions and festivals important to a wide spectrum of cultural and faith communities. The 2016 edition of the MFC marks the 30th year of publication.

The Multifaith Calendar assists in recognizing and respecting the diversity across our faith communities, while at the same time seeking to celebrate the values we hold in common. We expect to learn from each other and assume from our experience that the faith we each espouse will be enriched by interaction with those of other beliefs and traditions.

More specifically, the Multifaith Calendar offers insight into the world’s major faiths – a window that gives not only accurate information on each of the major holidays and festivals, including their dates and significance, but detailed historical information of these faiths and their relationship to time.  With this information, we can better understand the cultures from which they emerge.

Volume Discount Schedule
1 to 9 = $12.95/calendar
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25 to 49= $10.95/calendar
50 to 79 = $9.95/calendar
80 to 99 = $8.95/calendar
100 and more = $7.45/calendar

The Multifaith Calendar is available in both printed and electronic versions. For more information on the electronic version, please click here.

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  • ISBN : 978-0-98663-115-3
  • Language : English
  • Translator :
  • Publication year : 2015
  • Format : Softcover
  • Pages : 36


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