Take My Love to the Friends: The Story of Laura R. Davis
Chestnut Park Press
$ 21.95
Take My Love to the Friends: The Story of Laura R. Davis
Marlene Macke

Laura Davis (1895-1990) played a memorable role in building the Canadian Bahá’í community. From 1919 and for nearly six decades, when few women took leadership roles in their religious communities, Laura served unstintingly as a hostess, administrator, speaker, mentor and traveler. Canadians will find Take My Love to the Friends fascinating, as Laura’s story traces the growth of the Faith in Canada through the life of an individual. The early days of the Faith in the 1920s, 30s and 40s are revealed, as well as glimpses of the many people who were co-workers and friends of Laura. However, Laura’s lasting legacy is as a Bahá’í teacher. At the close of her pilgrimage in 1955, the Guardian’s parting words, “take my love to the friends”, fixed Laura firmly on the path of teaching. At her passing, the Universal House of Justice wrote, “Her record of dedicated service stands as an example to present and future generations of Canadian believers labouring to propagate the Cause of Bahá’u’lláh and to establish its institutions.”
ISBN : 9780981025605       Year : 2009      
Format : Soft Cover       Pages : 287       Language : English
Distributor : Bahá’í Distribution Service
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